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Your Team

Team WWT encompasses a network of outstanding, dedicated people who are committed to providing you with the best possible wine country experience. We work together sharing thoughts and ideas for a well-balanced exceptional private wine tour that is just what you want it to be.

Woody Guderian

Owner/CEO of FUN

I have spent over two decades working in Napa and Sonoma wine country and have built a solid reputation as one of the best guides in the industry. What started out as a second job on weekends to support my family while Lisa went to college, quickly turned into my passion.

It is important to me that your experience is more than just a wine tour and I collaborate with you and my friends in this industry to provide you with an intimate connection to the wine country that you will never forget.

Lisa Guderian

Owner/ CFO of FUN & Marketing

Details are my thing! It is important to me that nothing is overlooked down to the smallest of the details making certain your day with us is perfect.

When not working in the office, my passion for adventure leads me down the roads less traveled here in wine country to discover new wineries and experiences for bringing people together.

A Bit About Us

Oodles of years ago we met while working together in Yosemite and for those of you who have lived there, you get it. Yosemite Valley welcomes just about 4M people a year into its seven square miles of majestic beauty and it is where we fell in love and discovered our sentiment for hospitality.

Our first visit to wine country was on our road trip honeymoon back in the 80’s. We were enamored by the beauty of wine county and although we didn’t know much about wine at the time, we knew we would be back!

Moving to Sonoma County in the early 90’s, Woody soon took a second job as a wine tour guide working weekends for another local tour company, while Lisa went to college and took care of the kiddos. By the time Lisa finished college Woody had found his niche.

After spending several years working for others, the time was right for Woody to pursue his passion for wine tours and hospitality and Woody’s Wine Tours was born out of our belief, love and support we have for each other and our desire to provide you with the best service possible.

Each day at Woody’s Wine Tours is full of laughter, hard work and our commitment to the details of your special day. We have come a long way since our first visit to wine country, but our approach to hospitality has remained true. It’s all about you.